Llumar Car Window Films Kenya – A Complete Guide

Accessory supplied at the factory or to ask later, the tinted film offers the car a luxury look. Between the new law that prohibits the installation of the over-tinted film and the significant benefits it provides, let’s take a closer look at how to use it legally and choose a tinted film.

What is A Tinted Film?

The glazing film is defined as a very thin sheet designed of polyester. It has been treated to be adhesive, so it can stick to the glass, including that of a car.

Advantages of Car Tints

  • Better Insulation – The tinted film is an effective solution to protect itself from the heat thanks to its character of thermal insulation.
  • Protection Against UV Rays – It also protects the passenger compartment against deterioration and discoloration caused by UV rays. Passengers will also be safe from these UV rays because we all have bad effects of these rays on our skin.
  • Energy Saving – By rejecting sun energy, the tinted film stabilizes the temperature inside the vehicle. Thus, in summer, you can reduce the use of your air conditioning and save fuel.
  • Protects From Prying Eyes – The tinted film prevents lust, which reduces the risk of burglary. In addition, it preserves your privacy.

Tips To Choose Best Car Window Tints In Kenya

Llumar Car Window Films Kenya - A Complete Guide

The solar car window film tints comes in several models based on visual criteria, which are color, opacity and reflection.
  • Car Color Protection Film – While there are films of all colors, motorists are more likely to opt for black and its shades. Deep black is the most effective at filtering UV rays (99%).
  • Car Window Tint Opacity – This character greatly depends on the color of the film, since the darker its color, the less it lets the light through. Opacity is measured as a percentage of the transmission of external light. For transparent solar films, their opacity ranges from 20 to 25%. Dark-colored films only have 5% and there are models that let 10 to 15% of the light.
  • Film Thickness Measurement – For an aesthetic reason, the outside of some films can be shimmering. However, the major disadvantage of this type of LLumar film is its dazzling effect, not for the occupants of the car, but for other road users.
In addition to these selection criteria, the thickness of the film will also be noted. Indeed, there are models that do not adapt to curved panes, because too thin (ex: tinted films 25m). So prefer solar protection of 50 m and more.

Different Type of UV Films in Kenya Automotive Market

Type of car UV Films Kenya

Are you really worrying about your family’s health and well-being? There isn’t any need to worry because we have the most effective solution for you to safeguard your loved ones from harmful sun raises. All that is required is Llumar UV shield window tint that blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV radiations. Tinted films are also available in different types of applications:
  • The Pre-cut Tinted Film – Sellers of automotive accessories offer pre-cut glazing films, that is to say, that their dimensions correspond to those of windows according to the model of vehicles. They are ready to be laid. The films can be presented in a complete kit (for all windows), in kit ¾ or in a single window.
  • Tinted Film Roll – Proposed as a roll, the tinted film then requires a cut. The width of the roll is varied to match the height of the windows. The car window films Kenya in roll is bought by the linear meter.

Other Ways To Protect Your Vehicle?

If it sounds too complex, you can opt for sunshades. They are just as effective and easy to install.

Common Window Tinting Films Type Kenya

There are numerous different kinds of window films to pick from, that it could be quite confusing. With the most basic level there are few common window tinting films types kenya to select from. Knowing the usefulness of all of them will help you find time to do the wise choice.
  • Safety/Security Window Tints – Also, know as Smash & Grab Film. It is a necessary tool for the safety of your loved ones.
  • Metallic window tints – Everyone enjoys some sun at the park, but on the road, it becomes invasive and hard.
  • Dyed Window Tint – With our dyed window tint, you are free to imagine a look that will transform your car usually into envy-inspiring.
  • Clear Window Tint – If you are satisfied with the appearance of the windows of your car but require a higher level of performance then LLumar clear window tint.
  • Car Paint Protection Film – We get it: no matter how small, this first little hurts. And keep your eyes on the daily road damage is the worst.

Good Tips For Applying Removing Window Films

To succeed like everyone else applying and removing your solar films, take inspiration from the following tips –

How To Put The LLumar Tinted Film Kenya?

LLumar Tinted Film Kenya

To put the film, prepare the materials:
  • Water Packaged in A Sprayer,
  • Ruler, Adhesive, Meter, Cutter (for roll models)
  • Window Cleaner & Soft Cloth
Start with Following Advice:
  1. Wash the windows (inside and outside) with the windshield washer and soft cloth.
  2. Prepare the film: for sheet roll, take the measurements of each glass.
  3. Remove the transparent protective film
  4. Then spray the windows (inner side) and the films with water
  5. Grab the tinted film by the corners
  6. Position it on the glass from the inside
  7. Spray again with water if necessary
  8. Finally, flush the water out with the squeegee

Removing Solar Film From Car Windows Kenya

removing solar film from car windows kenya

The trick is to heat the glass so that the film comes off easily. In this case, you can use a heat gun or a hairdryer. The action of steam is also feasible. The steam cleaner you use in the kitchen can do the trick. On the other hand, the film is also removed by chemical action, for example by using ammonia or household alcohol. But in principle, whether you vaporize, heat or wet, always operate from the part where the film is pasted. The goal is to succeed to take off the corner of the film to remove the rest without a problem. A Simpler Way To Opt? Otherwise, if you find that the work is difficult, go to the local store. There you can choose & buy the most suitable LLumar car window films in Kenya.