Safety/Security Window Film

Our security window film offers protection against any damage.

Nowadays, safety window films are popular among the masses as each and every customer is aware of privacy and protection of their loved ones, but there’s no doubt that the installation process is a rigorous job as its different from regular automotive films. These films are clear, shatter-resistant that offers a great safety and security for your items.

It’s definitely not unusual to see various traffic accidents happening almost every day and opting for a protective glass as a shield can help you.


Approximately 100 to 375 microns(4-15mm). Safety film by LLumar stands out with its unique build to guard property and people against the expected dangers. Needless to say to get your safety films installed as soon as possible.

Glare Reduction

As per National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, poor weather conditions and glare are one of the top listed causes of car accidents. Safety window films by LLumar helps decrease glare, in turn, reduces eye fatigue and quickens up the reaction time of the driver.

Adds Privacy

The safety films offer privacy and shatter resistance to the passengers riding in the car against any mishappenings on the roads while driving. Also, obscure the view from the outside. The film comes in a wide variety of shades, the darker is the popular one, as it can make it difficult to watch inside your vehicle.

Protects the Interior

It also helps in maintaining the interior of the car by reducing the inside fading. These films are usually helpful for vehicles as it can offer an upholstery protection and also acts as a UV reduction barrier.