Safety Films for Protection From Burglary and Car-jacking

Our car is a great means of transport but unfortunately, it is an easy target for some type of aggression or theft. Indeed, if you do a frequent commercial on the road with your vehicle full of equipment, the safety of your belongings is an important point. If your car is likely to interest thieves, you can take things in hand now and minimize the risks by opting for our glazed treatment solution with security films. Safety and security films for cars are mainly used for motorized vehicles for professional use or for risky occupations. The use for individuals is not necessarily appropriate in the context of normal use of a passenger vehicle.
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Standards for Safety and Security Films for Automotive

Breakage mode of films

Safety and security films, as well as non-safety car window tints kenya, must comply with EN 12600. This standard defines the type of glass breakage and the accidental damage from glass pieces. Tinted films that meet this standard protect the occupants of a vehicle from damage due to glass breakage by holding the pieces of glass together as an integral unit thanks to the adhesive.

Resistance to break-in

With a minimum thickness of 100μm, safety and security films must also comply with EN 356. This standard defines the film’s resistance to burglary and vandalism, ie: to non-penetration. in the interior of objects such as cobblestones, explosive devices, Molotov cocktail, stun grenade.

High-risk area of Carjacking in Kenya

Unfortunately, Car-Jacking is a common phenomenon in many urban areas. Traffic lights, traffic jams are privileged occasions for attempts at robbery. In this case, the application of safety and security films for the private vehicles may be indicated. This type of device would have a deterrent effect by increasing the break-in time.

Protection of staff in the professional setting

Warehouses and their surroundings are places where the risks of accidents are common. A glass of forklift protects the operator from inclement weather, but does not provide sufficient security against object throwing due to mishandling or overturning of the truck. As a result of an accident, the windows of the truck break and broken glass can hurt the driver. The application of a safety and security film on this type of motorized vehicle makes it possible to retain broken glass in order to limit as much as possible injuries and cuts due to the jet of ice breakage. The application of this type of security film also extends to agricultural machinery, construction equipment, buses, PEMP and the list is far from exhaustive. Do not hesitate to seek advice from one of the best car window tints in kenya. When the windows of a forklift are equipped with safety and security film, the driver is protected from ice breakage following an accident. RelatedSafety/Security Window Film  –  Solar Safety & Security Films

Protection of the staff at occupational hazard

The glazing equipped with a burglar-proof film must be suitable for a breakage mode similar to laminated glass with numerous pieces of different sizes that do not detach and remain integral with the assembly. To comply with the EN 356 standard, the safety and security film must be applied to all the windows of a vehicle. Therefore it involves the dismantling of all the windows in order to obtain the burglar-proofing effect. This operation is mainly reserved for motorized vehicles for risky occupations (bus driver, police, firefighter, ambulance, army and more. RelatedLlumar Texture Decorative Window FilmsBenefits of Architectural Films – Benefits of Automotive Film Tinting

Safety Film and Automotive Protection in Kenya

Traffic accidents happen every day even to the most responsible drivers. In a second, lives can change in a side impact crash:
  1. Unprotected side windows can easily break and project pieces of glass into the interior of the vehicle.
  2. Pieces of glass can cause significant injuries and hurt the eyes.
  3. The opening of a broken glass increases the chances of a passenger being thrown from the car – the main cause of death in traffic accidents.

Llumar Security and Protection Film

The LLumar security and car paint protection film provides a strong barrier of protection between you and the glass in the event of an accident. With LLumar, the window can still be broken, but the fragments of glass adhere to the film.
  1. The occupants of the cars are protected from the danger of any piece of glass.
  2. Passengers are protected from pieces of glass or materials that may be introduced into the vehicle.
  3. The glass is stopped by the film and does not interfere with the performance of the side airbags.
Have confidence in the protection of LLumar car window films – every time your family is in the vehicle.

Protect your valuables

In less than five seconds, a thief can break the window of your car and steal your valuables. This can be dangerous if you are in the vehicle during the attack. LLumar security and protection films are the best defences against theft and express attacks:
  1. By stopping the broken glass in place, LLumar delays access to the interior of the vehicle.
  2. The delay in the time of entry into the vehicle as well as the noise caused will drive the thief away.
  3. If you are in the vehicle during the attack, you will have more time to escape.
Do not be a victim! Protect your family, yourself and your valuables with LLumar tint Kenya, now available in Tirupati Kenya. Also See: