Pros and Cons of Tinting Car Windows In Kenya

pros and cons of tinting car windows film in kenya
Have you considered tinted windows for your car? Automotive window films do more than just look cool, they also offer many benefits for you and your vehicle. Although you can request tinted windows when ordering a car, there are also alternative options such as professionally installed car window tints in Kenya. Here in this post you will know more about various pros and cons of tinting car windows in Kenya in detail. From May 2014, the transparency of the front windows must be at least 70% (ie a tinting/opacity of 30% maximum). If this law can be understood, we must admit that the minimum rate could have been a little lower. Finally, note that exemptions will be granted to certain people/professions.

Car Windows Tints – Advantages and Reason to Tint

car windows tint benefits kenya

  1. The installation of tinted windows tends to strengthen the glass, practical in case of an attempted break-in.
  2. This keeps the cabin cool in case of heat since a majority of solar rays do not enter the car. As a result, your air conditioning will take less effort, resulting in small fuel savings.
  3. You will be safe from police officers if you use your cell phone illegally or forget your belt. However, this advantage is a disadvantage since the use of a mobile phone while driving greatly increases the risk of accident, and without the wearing of seat belt, you might get severely injured.
  4. If you have a showy luxury car, it can become painful to have to take the constant gaze of pedestrians. In this case, going to “shelter” will be an advantage.
  5. The resale of the car can be much more easy as for some buyers it will be a plus.
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Auto Window Tinting – Disadvantages of Tinted Car Windows

  1. Improving the strength of the windows can be a disadvantage in case of a serious accident where there is the need to break a window to get out of the vehicle.
  2. If too much shade, such style does not clear your taste which may be frowned upon and aesthetically questionable.
  3. Lateral visibility is clearly reduced, at night or in car parks it can become dangerous.
  4. Beyond 30% opacity, you will take the risk of being sanctioned. In addition, if a law passes soon (which should be the case), you may have to remove everything, which will cost you a small bunch of money for nothing.
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Motor Vehicle Windshield Laws Kenya

motor vehicle windshield laws kenya

First of all, it goes without saying that the shade of windshield is both totally forbidden and very dangerous. Regarding the rear windows, you have no obligation, you can tint with a heavy hand. Regarding the front side windows, beyond 30% opacity, you can be punished by police forces without this being systematic. However, defendants are usually released after their passage in the police court, which does not deter drivers from over-tinting their windows.
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Car Window Tint Meter & Its Use in Automotive ?

car window tint meter & its use in automotive

VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission, which is the percentage of brightness that a tinting unit, with or without film, passes through inside the vehicle. The 70% rate imposed by the regulations concerns the front glazing of vehicles. The installation of the film on the front glazing is authorized, provided that the final VLT of the window is more or less equal to 70%. For the front windows of the vehicle to comply, the glass must be either original (without film) or have a film with a large VLT, or a clear film. Consequently: The higher the level of VLT, the more the film or tinting passes light, and thus allows great transparency. On the other hand, the lower the VLT, the less light the film or glass allows.
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Understanding Level of Visible Light Transmission Tint on Cars?

understanding window tinting percentages in automobile

The solar film laying centers must have a measuring tool (VLT tester) that allows you to quickly and easily calculate the VLT of your front window (whether or not it is equipped with a film).
  • Approved centers must have software that calculates the VLT film + glass to be 100% compliant with the new regulations Kenya.
  • We must not invent subterfuges to try to circumvent the decree of May 20, 2014 and before the publication.
Although there may be a number of reasons to consider tinted windows, you need to carefully weigh the benefits of automotive film tinting and review local laws to make sure, if any. By choosing a high-quality car windscreen tints and installing it with care, you can protect the interior of your car and your skin – not to mention your privacy, security and image – for years to come. LLumar has the perfect window shade, whether you install Llumar Car Window Films on your front, side or rear windows. We at Tirupati Kenya, offer a perfect blend of style and functionality so you can customize your journey with affordable tints that will not break your budget. Designed for car enthusiasts, our pre-cut window shades are ideal for DIY applications at a much lower cost than retailers. Customizing the exterior of your vehicle gives you a ton of freedom when you shop at Tirupati Kenya. We offer different levels of hue so you can choose the style to apply. You can also use our products at any time, which is especially nice for rentals or rented cars. DIY applications allow you to be proud of your detailed additions, as opposed to professional installation since your results reflect your work. Our pre-cut window films have a three-year warranty against peeling, cracking and discoloration. Visit Tirupati Kenya to browse various types of LLumar window shades and order online today. If you have other questions about our products or the proper way to tint your windows, you can contact us or talk to a representative. Although the darkest shade may not be the best option, the appropriate level will benefit you in more ways than one.