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Reflective Window Films

Dramatically improve the comfort level of your indoor living space while also making a dramatic outdoor style statement. This film has reflective technology on two sides to provide a high level of heat, glare and UV control that keeps you at ease in any room, at any time of day.  

A modern look with time-tested

solar control benefits.

Reflective technology also gives exterior windows a pleasingly uniform, contemporary look. A selection of silver, gold, bronze, blue and gray shades allows you to fine-tune for the perfect complement to your home’s masonry, siding, roof and landscaping.

What Frost Decorative Films Can Do For You

  • Excellent Heat Rejection
  • Superior UV Rejection
  • Help Reduce Glare
  • Custom Style
  • Help Reduce Fading
  • Help Increase Privacy
Reclaim areas of your home that you used to avoid during the heat of the day, thanks to heat-blocking technology.